Adam Ross Custom Woodworking Documents

Adam Ross making wood doors

Adam Ross in his shop building a custom wood doors

Over the years we have received requests to post documents as an online resource to help answer our client’s needs. So we have set out to include the most requested documents and give quick links for each topic. Feel free to check back from time to time as new items will be posted as new topics are covered. If you are looking for a certain topic and can’t find it, feel free to send us an email and we will try to help get you the information or direct you to the topic that best describes what you are looking for.

Wood Species

We work with a variety of wood species and are continually adding new species to our list, and in some cases reducing the use of others. We have access to a variety of domestic hardwoods and softwoods, as well as import species. It goes without saying that some wood species are better suited to specific projects than others. We are happy to discuss these with you prior to making your selection. We like to remind our clients that wood is infinitely variable in color, density, and grain patterns, and may not appear exactly the same as the pictures provided. We embrace this random variability and think it enhances the end product.

Click Here to see various types of wood from

Click Here to see various types of wood from Hearne

Maintenance of Wooden Doors – Protecting Your Investment

Doors are the single most important element in setting the stage for your home or place of business. They welcome our families, neighbors, customers and often are the first impression we have when entering a home or business. How your entryway looks and feels is an integral part of someone’s perception of what they will find on the other side. What do you want your visitors first impression to be?

Download Maintenance of Wooden Doors

Adam Ross Door Catalog

For information about door construction and terminology check out our door catalog. This was developed to help you visualize what certain door profiles will look like and aid in the overall selection process when having a custom door built. We often have actual samples of these profiles so you can view them in person.

Download Adam Ross Door Brochure

Media and Marketing

Adam Ross Woodworking Media and Marketing Documents.

Download On Site Door Refinishing Card

Download Door Refinishing Card

Download Adam Ross Farmers Market Bio

Download Adam Ross State Fair Press Release

Sample Documents

Sample documents including Estimates, Terms, Warranties, and Specification Sheets.

Download Adam Ross Woodworking 2 Year Warranty

Download Adam Ross Woodworking Estimate Sample

Download Adam Ross Woodworking Invoice Sample

Download Adam Ross Woodworking Specifications Sample

Download Adam Ross Woodworking Scale Drawings Sample

Download Adam Ross Woodworking Contract Sample