Adam Ross Woodworking Accessories and Gifts

We believe in maximizing the wood resources at hand, and one way we fulfill our obligation to generate less wood waste, is to produce a variety of fun and creative Accessories. This is the ultimate recycling process in action. We take scrap or salvaged wood and turn it into functional, interesting, educational, and almost always beautiful wooden products. These items are often second, third generation scrap that makes unique group gifts, charity fund raising items, or mementoes to honor an occasion. Often these items are just a way for use to challenge our imagination and share the fun with others. Send us your ideas, or make a request for your next gift exchange or fund raising event. Its good all the way around.

Ross Woodworking, Small Lidded Box variety – Various Species.

Ross Woodworking, Monogramed Door Mat – Red Cedar.

Ross Woodworking, Strip Cutting Boards – Reused Wood.

Ross Woodworking, Park sign – Reused Wood.

Ross Woodworking, Wine Bottle Display Boxes with Keyed Miters – Oak/cherry/mahogany.

Ross Woodworking, Cedar Strip Canoe – Red Cedar.

Ross Woodworking, Crescent Bottle Holders – Mahogany.

Ross Woodworking, Golf Ball Display – Mahogany.

Ross Woodworking, Rolling Toys – Donation Underprivileged Children.